About the Port Authority

The mission of the Port of Zwolle Authority is to make the region more appealing as a location for harbour businesses, industry and logistical firms. Port of Zwolle aims to differentiate itself by creating added value for its clients and by improving its competitive position.


The port authority Port of Zwolle Cooperative U.A. is an independent cooperative founded by its members, the municipalities of Kampen, Meppel and Zwolle. These members supervise the operations of the cooperative.


The Port of Zwolle Authority is responsible for the economic development, management, exploitation and promotion of the harbour facilities. It is also responsible for ensuring the safe and expeditious processing of cargo and shipping. Managing Director Jeroen van den Ende and Director of Operations Herman van Loo are charged with the day-to-day management of the port’s operations. For more information, questions or fast and reliable processing in one of the harbours, please feel free to contact the relevant harbourmaster.