The Netherlands is a major agricultural exporter and importer. Many of these products are transported by water, and need to be stored and transhipped along the way. Port of Zwolle offers silos and warehouse facilities for storing grain, animal feed and fertilisers in a responsible manner.


Port of Zwolle offers excellent facilities for the storage and transhipment of a wide range of agricultural products. One silo with a storage capacity of 5,000 tonnes is available for smaller shipments with fast turnaround times. For larger shipments with relatively long storage times, the port offers insulated warehouses with a total storage capacity of 125,000 tonnes. There are also 18 ventilated grain silos, with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 tonnes.


The harbour facilities of the Port of Zwolle are centrally located in the Netherlands and easily accessible for ships up to Va class. In the near future, the facilities will be expanded to permit vessels up to class Vb to reach the harbours.


The harbours of the Port of Zwolle are favourably located at the junction of several transport connections. The Netherlands’ major national transport routes all come together here. Port of Zwolle is not only easily accessible by inland waterways, but also by rail and road. Products transhipped here find their way over these networks to the Randstad, the north of the Netherlands, Germany and the rest of Europe.



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