Inland waterways

Companies are constantly looking for ways to do business more efficiently and sustainably. There have been many new developments in the transport sector over the past few years. One of these is the expansion of transport over water. More and more companies have recognised the benefits of transport over inland waterways, which make it possible to transport large quantities of goods at low cost and with lower CO2 emissions per tonne. This makes water transport not only reliable and flexible, but also sustainable. It is an excellent alternative to ever-growing traffic jams encountered when transporting goods by road, as well as the attendant costs involved.


The harbour facilities of the Port of Zwolle are easily accessible for ships up to Va class. The harbours can process barges and coastal vessels up to 2,500 tonnes, with a maximum draught of 3.5 meters. Port of Zwolle is in a constant state of development. One of our ambitions is to eventually be able to receive vessels up to 4,000 tonnes in the Zuiderzeehaven.


Inland waterways connect Port of Zwolle to Germany, Europe and Russia. The four shipments per week to the terminals of Rotterdam also connect Port of Zwolle with the rest of the world.