Dry bulk

Port of Zwolle offers excellent facilities for the storage and transhipment of dry bulk cargoes. Dry bulk, such as grain and fertilisers, find their way via Port of Zwolle to the end users in markets throughout Europe. At Port of Zwolle, you can find the right service provider for any type of dry bulk, from iron ore and grain to fertilisers.


Port of Zwolle recently completed construction on one of the largest grain depots in north-western Europe, with storage capacity of more than 130,000 tonnes. At the peak of the grain harvest, a lorry drives through the gate every three minutes. A real logistical challenge!


The harbour facilities of the Port of Zwolle are easily accessible for ships up to Va class. The harbours can process barges and coastal vessels up to 2,500 tonnes, with a maximum draught of 3.5 meters. Port of Zwolle is in a constant state of development. One of our ambitions is to eventually be able to receive vessels up to 4,000 tonnes in the Zuiderzeehaven.


The harbours of the Port of Zwolle are favourably located at the junction of several transport connections. The Netherlands’ major national motorways (A28, A32 and A50) all come together here. Port of Zwolle is not only easily accessible by inland waterways, but also by rail and road. Products transhipped here find their way over these networks to the Randstad, the north of the Netherlands, Germany and the rest of Europe.



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